Return of the Small Potato

After taking a short break for my cousin’s wedding and to take some time off from blogging to refresh my mind and to re-think which direction I should take, I’m back and with lots of updates, feeling very positive and ready to get back in the swing of things.

The first update, Scott Wallick invited me to become a judge for the Sandbox Design Competition. Design or entry submission period ended and judging began yesterday. Along with ten other judges, I’ll do a thorough inspection in the next several days to determine the winners; I’ve already picked out my favorites.

The second update, from now on, this blog will publish at least nine blog posts per day. Along with WordPress hacks, modification case studies (for example, using WordPress to power a CSS gallery), plugin integrations, and WordPress themes, you can stay tuned for design tutorials, blog usability tips, and many other blog design related toys.

The third update, once again, this blog will be redesigned. The current design is clean, pretty, and easily recognizable, but it’s not usable and that alone trumps all the opposing positives. The redesign, which is something along the lines of an advance Wrath, will be unveiled in the next several days.

The fourth update, within this week, I will finish up the free ebook on how to create a WordPress theme from scratch. The book will cover everything you need to know about designing, coding, and WordPress templating or theming. If you’ve signed up to give this book a test run, expect an email from me on Saturday or Sunday. If you didn’t, sign-ups are closed and you’ll just have to wait until next week to get the book.

The fifth update, I will complete the Seven Deadly Sins theme series within the next two weeks. So far, Greed, Pride, Lust, and Wrath have been released. The next in line is Envy.

As far as where will go from here, expect this blog to turn into a complete WordPress portal with its focus still on WordPress themes and blog design.

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