Wrath WordPress Theme

Wrath WordPress Theme

  • Author: Small Potato
  • Description: Wrath is a red, three-column design, based on the Sandbox theme’s template files (by Andy Skelton and Scott Allan Wallick.)
  • License: GPL
  • Not available yet.


I’m starting to like Sandbox. Hopefully, I will get to do a more detailed design with many page-to-page variations to display the full potential of Sandbox.

For Wrath, I ran out of ideas for details because it felt right to stop. Without the rounded corners and mini icons, I know it doesn’t feel like a design by yours truly. But, I felt that those characteristics and adding more to it would have cluttered it.

Wrath is simple, sharp, and I painted it bright red, unlike the soft, rounded corners, and dark red of Lust.

This theme marks the fourth release of the Seven Deadly Sins theme series. Check out the previous releases: LustPride, and Greed.

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