Lust WordPress Theme

lust wp theme


Theme Information

  • Author: Small Potato
  • Description: A red, two-column, widget-ready WordPress theme, the third release of the Seven Deadly Sins theme series. Lust is compatible with WordPress 2.2, 2.1, and 2.0.
  • License: GPL

Author Comments

Right now is 11:12 PM. I thought I had to wait until tomorrow to have time to wrap up everything for this theme’s release. After painstakingly long hours of trying to get all the details in place for this theme through coding, I can’t express how much of a relief to finally release it. I’m loving Lust! Now, I can stretch, kick back, and relax.

Here’s the behind the scene image compilation of LustWarning: It’s a big file (677kb).

p.s. – Initially, I wanted the banner to feature a pair of breasts with curvy brushes and textures covering the nipples. And, I wanted to promote it as the only theme that would make your blog more often. Luckily for you, I reconsidered. Hahaha. I kid! I kid.

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