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How To Configure Author Tracking In WordPress Blogs (Easy Way)

MonsterInsights author tracking

Are you running a multi-author blog? Multi-author websites will help you to be more productive, produce more quality content than single-author sites. As you know, our website is a multi-author…

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Transferring Your Website to Another Hosting Provider

Transferring your website to a new hosting company is a relatively simple process and can even be carried out without your website experiencing any downtime. Follow the steps below for…

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How to Use WordPress as a Membership Directory

Do you want to create a moderated membership directory that showcases your member’s information? Do you want it to be flexible, be very little work after initial setup, and use…

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How to Create An Archives Page

In another effort to de-clutter the sidebar and begin your initiation for The Organization for the Organized, here’s how to create an archives page for archive links listing by categories…

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Do-It-Yourself WordPress Hover Menu

Also as known as Pop-up Menu Layer, HoverExtended, or Tooltip Links, a hover menu is simply a list of links that appears when you move your mouse over a certain part…

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How to Put Your Best Content Forward

Don’t let your best content get lost in the archives. Use them to impress first-time readers. Here are two ways to put your best content forward. First Method: WP-Sticky Plugin…

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