CEO: Jazib Zaman

WPDesigner.com is a WordPress tutorial hub with how-to guides on WordPress theme development and design. Aside from the helpful tips and tutorials, WPDesigner also provides exquisitely designed free and affordable themes to jump-start your WordPress website development. You will find all your theme related questions answered under one hood since this blog centers around custom themes created for WordPress.

This organized blog dedicated to the WordPress community focused on improving WordPress blog’s performance through the code and design tweaks.

WPDesigner’s Background

WPDesigner.com was started back in May 2006 because there was a lack of quality themes at that time for WordPress. So I decided to learn how to create one for myself and then released it for free on 2nd June 2006. The latest theme is Gluttony, and some of my most downloaded themes are JWM, Greed, Digg 3 Columns, and Peaceful Rush. Gradually WPDesigner transformed from a resource of free WordPress themes into a blog that now covers WordPress tricks, tutorials, and general web development topics.

Along with more than 50 free themes for the content management system WordPress, I managed to put together a series of articles on how to create WordPress themes from scratch, which is the most popular series of this blog.

The Goals set

My aim is to become the best WordPress themes development instructor and make web surfing a beautiful and memorable experience.

As per your feedback, the WordPress tutorials will be even more engaging and visually appealing with time. Further topics about themes suggested by you are also pending on the to-do list. They are my top priority as well.

I also hope to put more time into designing better themes and delivering theme support.

By the help of this blog, you can make your dream custom WordPress website in a short amount of time.

You are most welcome if you’d like to give input by guest blogging on WPDesigner.

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