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Secure Your WordPress Admin Area with Some Reliable Tools


WordPress Admin Area is the first place that hackers target to hack your website. The Admin area is sensitive because it doesn’t allow access to your web setting without entering…

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How To Make Money As A WordPress Plugin Developer

A turned on laptop computer with code

One of the burning questions we get asked frequently here at SaleSource, when meeting new WordPress developers is: “how can plugin developers make money?” To answer that – you must…

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Are You Making These Costly Mistakes When Outsourcing?

A man regretting mistake

In today’s world, it is almost impossible to find a small business where everything about the business process is done in-house. For most small businesses, running full-time employees for every aspect…

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5 WordPress Plugins to Increase Your Website Speed

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  And if you’re an online entrepreneur, you probably know that making people wait is bad for your eCommerce business too — really bad. I mean, think about it. Why…

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Basic Guide to Online Backup

A Basic Guide to Online Backup You may have heard of it, know you need it, but what exactly is it? Online backup is the way to safeguard your valuable…

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Basic Guide to Web Hosting

What is a Web Host? A web host is a specialized company who will upload your website to their own computers. Generally these are much like your own computer only…

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