Privacy Policy

WP Designer believes in providing a safe and secure experience for the users. Protection of the users is our essential duty, and we work towards ensuring that information is protected. WP Designer is an open platform that aims to provide users with information that is beneficial for them. We recommend that the users read our privacy policy below thoroughly, to understand the procedures:

Personal information

  • We respect the privacy and rights of the users. Users are not required to provide their personal details including; gender, income, race, addresses, etc, for using the website.
  • WP Designer does not share the personal information of the users unless required by law or state authorities. (Note: It is to be notified that under such circumstances WP Designer will comply by the authorities and help them in any way possible).
  • We may collect information from users, only and when it is necessary for the continuation of the operations of the website.
  • WP Designer sometimes collects information for use by external sources. These may include researches and studies to monitor consumer behavior on the websites or to monitor the demand of the visitors and consumers in general for products and advertisements. In such cases, the information provided by us to these sources keeps the names and IP addresses of the users anonymous.
  • In cases, where users comments on our blogs, we only require the email addresses from the users.
  • In case, WP Designer is acquired by a third party, the users’ information will be transferred to their credit sources. Under such circumstances, the website will not be responsible for any misuse of the personal information.

Note: WP Designer may provide help to state agencies in identifying individuals through their IP addresses if required by the authorities under serious criminal offences or investigations.

Use of cookies

When using cookies to explore the site, sometimes the users are asked to give permission to note the computer address of the computers. Users who do not agree to the terms, may decline the consent form and continue to use the site without cookies. Additionally, users may set their default their browsers to refuse cookies from accessing information. (Cookies necessitate users by improving the functionality of the websites).

WP Designer holds the right to change or make amendments in this policy without notifying the users. We recommend the users to stay updated, and discontinue using the website if any user disagrees with any clause in the policy.