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The $5 WordPress themes club is giving away 20,000 accounts to your readers. Wpdesigner.com will sponsor your blog contests and giveaways by using the themes club memberships as prizes. To be a part of this giveaway, sign up your blog by leaving a comment or contact Wpdesigner.com between February 23 and March 8.


  • Your blog must have at least 1,000 unique visitors per month.
  • Sign up anytime between February 23 and March 8.
  • You must announce the contest, giveaway, or promotion on your blog to get the free membership coupons for your readers. Rules of your blog’s contest, giveaway, or promotion are up to you.
  • Depending on the size of your audience, Wpdesigner will sponsor 50 to 1000 accounts.
  • You may award or give out the accounts all at once or spread them throughout the year for multiple contests/giveaways.
  • The free coupons expire at the end of 2008.
  • SiCarii.net

Participating Sites

  • WPCandy.com
  • BloggingTips.com
  • WeblogToolsCollection.com
  • UzBlogger.com
  • PremiumWP.com
  • ATypicalLife.net
  • 7PProductions.com
  • WPMUTutorials.com
  • DesignBliss.com
  • KnightKNetwork.com
  • SiCarii.net
  • Web Hosting Choice
  • NetView.ro
  • PBlog.com.br
  • BlogPerfume.com
  • BlogAdda.com
  • NSpeaks.com
  • HardianNazief.com
  • DeceBlog.net
  • TheBlog.ca

Themes Users

If you’ve been thinking about joining the club but haven’t for some reason, this is your way to get it for free. Ask your favorite blogger to sign up for this giveaway so you can get one of the accounts through his/her blog.On the other hand, here’s the order page if you can’t wait. It’s $5 to sign up for a year.

About the Club

Each club member gets all previously released themes and at least twelve new ones, one per month, throughout the span of one year. Club members also get guaranteed private support and community support. Click here for the full club details.The following are some of the released club themes: PersonalMusic, and Gossip.

For Paying Members

As for current and future paying members, you’re not left out. You will get a chance to enter a drawing for a custom WordPress theme from Wpdesigner. More information will be posted about that drawing at a later date.

Happy $5 Year!


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