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project-hTo recap Project H for new readers, Project H is’s hosting service for high traffic WordPress-powered blogs.

Want to survive the Digg effect and consistent high traffic? Then, Project H is the home you’ve been waiting for. Along with free migration or server transfer and a 30-day money back guarantee, hosting service also comes with WordPress support and bonuses like free blog consultation, free plugin installations, and free paid WordPress themes.

The free consultation will be done by me. You cannot hire me for this service from anywhere else. Along with the one-time consultation, you’ll receive one paid WordPress theme, every two months, for free. So while your friend has to spend money on paid or premium themes, I’ll thank you for hosting with by giving them to you.

Head over to the features page (Spots ended) for details. And Here’s how to order (Spots Ended). By the way, there are 116 spots left. If you don’t order now, don’t ask me to let you in later.

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Note: I strongly believe in my products and services. If they can’t survive by word of mouth then it’s proof they’re not worth the money. Therefore, you will not see any advertisement for WPDesigner’s hosting service across the blogosphere. If I get in the mood for it, I might even publish 100 reasons why you should NOT use this service 🙂

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