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Category is entering unfamiliar territory. I’m excited! Project H stands for Project Hosting. I’m not creative when it comes to naming. I know.Shared hosting is a saturated niche. Overselling, false 24/7 phone support, unreliable uptime, it’s a tough market to gain trust, not to mention low return on investment if you don’t pack 800-1000 customers onto each server.So why is Wpdesigner becoming a web host? Simple. You need reliable hosting with WordPress support. I can provide that service and live with the low return on investment ratio.

  • I started Wpdesigner because you needed better WordPress themes.
  • I released a premium quality theme for free because you were looking for premium themes and I was too lazy to charge for it.
  • Now that you need a reliable host and/or better hosting, I’m starting a web hosting company.

Before making the decision to move to dedicated hosting (the whole server to myself), I struggled with the same problem – cheap web hosts overselling what they can’t guarantee. Have you seen that 3000 GB of bandwidth deals for $7 to $10 each month? Yea. That’s what I’m talking about.Those hosts rely on the fact that the average customers will not use all of the resources they pay for. Based on that gamble, cheap web hosts pack hundreds and hundreds of customers onto each server, knowing that their servers cannot live up to the deals.If you’re hosted on one of those servers, once your effort is paying off and you’re actually getting decent traffic to your blog, you have to worry about keeping your blog online because that server simply cannot handle it without affecting hundreds of other customers on the same server.This is where Wpdesigner Hosting comes in. Here are the specs for each Wpdesigner server:

  • Xeon Quad-Core
  • 4GB RAM
  • 20Mbps unmetered
  • RAID
  • 120 customers limit

One Hosting Plan:

  • $20/month
  • 1GB storage
  • 40GB bandwidth

Those are the basics and don’t forget that this service will come with WordPress support. I’ll elaborate later on.If you’re new to web hosting or if you have no idea what those lists above mean then Wpdesigner Hosting is not for you. If you understand what I’m writing about and have been waiting for something like this… yea, I’m pretty excited too.(Oh yeah, if you already have a web host, but want to move to Wpdesigner. Guess what? Free server migration through cPanel!)


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