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Personal Blog

(By the way, this is the last personal entry from me on this blog.)

My personal blog is up and running with only one post, a to-do list. I’m not leaving Simply, I’m going to blog at both sites and keep the personal topics on will be my personal to-do list throughout this year. I’ll also use it to comment on various topics and video-blog about places that I’m going to visit (overseas). First, up for this year is Viet Nam, which is where I was born and haven’t visited for eleven years. I’ll be booking a flight in March with hopefully no delays.

For this first trip, I want to gain some mobile lifestyle experience. But mainly, I’d finally get a chance to visit my cousin’s grave. My cousin was about 10 years older than I was. He and I grew up in the same house until I was 8 or 9 years old. He died young (motorcycle accident) and I never got the chance to go to his grave.

  • Traveling Overseas – I’ve been living in Sacramento, CA for 11 years (currently 21 years old). The only times I’ve been out of the city were school field trips (pumpkin patch, six flags, and etc.). The thought of traveling overseas (alone) is definitely scary, but also exciting. After the trip to Viet Nam with my family, I’m going to come back, review the trip, see what I need to improve and bring with me, and then continue to travel to other countries on my own. After Viet Nam, it’s probably South Korea. If you think I’d be interested in visiting your city, state, or country, let me know in the comments. This year, if I get to, I’ll meet some of my readers’ small potatoes in person.

Themes Club

About some of the recent designs posted on this blog, yes, they are paid themes, not free themes. However, you won’t have to spend a fortune to get your hands on all of them. Joining the WPDesigner themes club would give you access to download all of them. (I’m still reconsidering the price for joining the club.) Your club membership would last for one year. And during that one year, more themes would be released monthly, at least 1 theme per month.

I said at least one theme per month because while other clubs limit their releases to one per month in order to maximize profit, I will not do that. Along with the one release per month guarantee, for sure, some months will have multiple releases.

Basically, I will be creating several more designs and themes. Once they’re all finished, you can join the WPDesigner themes club to download all of them. And then, you’d get at least 11-12 more themes within your one-year membership.

Note: This club is not for bloggers looking for a semi-unique solution, in which customers have to pay for individual themes in order to limit each theme’s level of saturation in the blogosphere. This is for bloggers looking for good lookin’ and well-designed themes at one affordable price; that’s it.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me in the comments.

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