Finalized Gossip Theme Design

Gossip WordPress Theme

Above is the final version. As you can see, the header changed drastically since the last preview. Mainly, I wanted to use grunge and line-art in the header, but couldn’t convincingly mix those styles with the glossy and pop looks that gossip blogs need. I need more practice with each style before trying to mix them together again.

The image above is a preview of the front page. I’m not going to post previews of other areas of this theme until the whole theme gets coded.

Although the design has been finalized, I’m not going to code it yet. I’m moving on to another design for a different theme. I’ll start coding all of the designs after I’m tired of designing.


I had a pretty rough new year and right now I’m trying to keep personal issues off my mind and just stick to my hobby, which is learning how to better my design skills. So… yea… I’ll be going on a design binge.

Also, WPDesigner is becoming an important part of my life and I need to take it more seriously. Therefore, I’ll separate personal from business blogging. My new personal blog will be at

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