One Thousand and Twenty One Small Potatoes!

It was a big surprise to see 1,021 subscribers when I logged into Feedburner this morning. I’ve been waiting patiently to cross the one thousand mark but wasn’t expecting to cross it this soon, especially on a Friday. Tuesdays are usually when this blog gets the most readers. (Feedburner statistic is based on how many subscribers reading your content on the previous day.)

WPDesigner Subscribers

As you can see, the number of subscribers has been growing steadily, despite some minor glitches here and there.

WPDesigner Subscribers

What caused the number of subscribers to jump? I have to thank Leonid Mamchenkov for posting about this blog on WP Bits. He also added WPDesigner’s tutorial category feed to his sidebar, which I have no doubt has helped traffic-wise and subscriber-wise.

But, the most important person to thank is YOU. Through all the ups and downs, all I can say is thank you…very much for reading my little blog. I wish I had the right words to express how rewarding it feels to get to this point and how much I appreciate the simple fact that you take out a bit of your day, every day, to check on what I write about.

I started this blog back in May 2006, to publish free WordPress themes, not to blog. Blogging doesn’t come to me naturally, but that’s what it took to cross the one thousand mark so getting here definitely took hard work.

Again, thank you for reading and thanks for your patience through all my mistakes. For example, I realized now that posting nine posts per day wasn’t a smart move. For the past several days, I’ve been very picky with what I blog about to make sure that you’ll benefit from every post. I’ll continue to do that because that’s the best way to show that I appreciate my subscribers Small Potatoes.:-)

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