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I got an email from PayPal saying they will not look into investigating his claim. However, they have the right to investigate it within 180 days if it’s necessary. So I guess… I won?


My worst client (Peter or David Avey) finally mustard up some courage to file a complaint against me to PayPal. He tried to dispute it to see if I would be willing to give in and continue with the project. Yea… right. I’ve already wasted a lot of time helping this guy.

For those not familiar with PayPal:

  • dispute/complaint is when the seller and buyer can still talk it through.
  • claim is when PayPal steps in.
  • On the dispute discussion page, there’s an option to escalate the dispute to a claim when one side don’t want to talk anymore. That’s what I did, hence, the image above is of a claim, not a dispute.

Within his complaint, he accused me of two things and admitted his shady tactic:

  • That I’m not a coder.
  • That I posted a comment on his blog to call him a “serious asshole.” What the? Hahaha.
  • He admitted that he tried to tempt me with an opportunity for another project just so I would be willing to do what he wanted me to for the project that we’re fighting over.

First – Who coded the skin you’re using on your blog (pinkshampoo.com) right now? That would be me, sir.
Second – About the reader that commented on your blog Peter, here’s a rhyme, an advice, and a Haiku poem for you:

Go Check his IP.
Positively was not me.
You got it wrong…G.

To my readers, it’s early in the morning for me, haven’t eaten breakfast and the creative juice is not flowing so excuse the last line in my poem. Can you improve or write another one for the last line?


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