The Worst Client Ever!

I was hired for a freelance job. I did it and stuck around for almost a week to help him make changes. Now he wants his money back. WTF?

First of all, who do you know that would stick around for almost a week to help after completing a $75 job? I was dumb/nice enough to do it.

For those of you that have spoken with me, you know I’m easy to work with. I even go as far as giving code support for my free themes on a case to case basis. If you need something, I’d give you the code for copy and pasting. To bother me this much, it takes a really densed person to do it.

This post is a preemptive strike because I suspect him to be the type that will try to tarnish my reputation. For freelancers out there, know this! Once something gets posted on the internet about you, it’s permanent! You need to protect yourself.

He hired me to code and integrate Adsense for the layout to the left of this paragraph. The site is I agreed to do it for $75 because I don’t need to charge much for my service; all I want is extra money to pay for hosting. A job like this usually costs above $150 because the coder is required to code and skin the design for WordPress.


To begin with, the layout wasn’t designed nor prepared for coding. It has inconsistent spacing and alignment, but I didn’t mind. I fixed it up for him and moved on to coding.

  • The main links on the layout are blue, except for the post metadata (categories, comments, and tags) links area. Even the link in the about box is blue.
  • There are two main sidebars in the footer that call for recent posts and recent comments. That can be achieved by using the Widget or Customizable Post Listing plugin. I widgetized the sidebars and made them work with Customizable Post Listing, which is all that you can possibly do for that area.
  • The Adsense integration required one 200 by 200 image ad and one 200 by 200 text ad. Both sit on top of the About Box. He showed me for an example. I did exactly that.

For the following, keep in mind that everything he told me to do could’ve been taken care of on his end and that he’s a web developer. I understand he is a busy person, but the amount of time he took to email me about all the little changes took more time than actually making those changes on his own.

Below is the incomplete version of our conversation. Stupid me, I deleted some of the emails because I thought the job was over. Luckily, I saved my sent messages. (Note: You shouldn’t post other people’s email messages. It isn’t illegal, but don’t do it. In my case, I truly feel like I need to, in order to protect myself from this guy and whatever he’s going to do next.)


hiya, i need the pinkshampoo logo made into a image so once the
final logo is designed i can just replace size etc..

I also need adsense intergration so once its coded in valid xhtml/css i willask you to impliment 🙂

Peter Avey
HostBlue Ltd.


Hey Peter,
I’m half way through xhtml/css and wp integration. I have some stuff (unrelated to your layout) to wrap up tonight so I have to stop coding pinkshampoo right now. It should be ready by 10am tomorrow morning
(pacific time).


Great stuff 🙂 keep the good work up!



It’s ready to go. The cropped screenshots attached to this email were
taken from a worpress test install on my computer. When you’re ready,
I’ll install this theme and integrate adsense for you.

You can PayPal me at *********@yahoo. If that ID doesn’t work, use

Thanks Peter


okay that looks great, gimmie a few hours so i can sort my machines out..

money sent, please upload the wordpress


Thanks Peter. I’ve attached two files. One is .zip and other is .rar. This theme will assume that you’ll be installing it at /wp-content/themes/pinkshampoo/

Remember that the code to call for the little RSS icon for each post feed uses an absolute URL:×32.gif

If you can give me FTP access to just the pinkshampoo theme folder, I can smooth out anything you need to be fixed.

I will be available later today to do AdSense integration.

I asked him for FTP access, which he didn’t give me.


hiya its nearly my bedtime here and I don’t have server space to host the WordPress so…

okay my servers up now 🙂

Okay, just a few quick things
the hyperlinks on the main content are blue I want them orange, and the hyperlinks on the side are blue I want them grey hoovering to blue, please…

The bullets aren’t showing and on the navigation could you make the padding
for the image box a bit more less, please


Remember I pointed out the main links were blue?


I’ll fix the link colors, no problem. For the orange bullets, I thought you wanted only the related posts plugin to show those bullets. That’s what I would suggest. Any list that you apply the class “related_posts” to, the orange bullets will show.

If you apply the orange bullets to regular lists too, I think it’ll look overwhelmingly bright. But, it’s your decision. Let me know what you want and I’ll have the fix ready before you wake up.

I made the link color and top menu button padding fixes. I didn’t make the bullet change because I haven’t heard from you about my suggestion on the bullets.

I’ve attached the style.css file. Just upload and overwrite :).


Hiya, I would prefer the orange bullets to go in the list item’s part rather than a related posts plugin.



Also without sounding horrible could you please make the change’s on my server I have far too much to do, that’s why I’ve paid you…


That was when I got annoyed. I know he paid me, but it’s not like I’m ignoring him or anything. So far, I did everything he asked me to do.



I logged in, but you didn’t chmod the theme files to 666 (writable). I couldn’t edit the files. I’ve attached the latest version of the style.css file to this email. That’s all you need to upload.

If you want me to do the AdSense integration via your admin panel, I need you to chmod the theme files.

Small Potato


Okay i will Chmodd them in 5 minute’s



hiya, I know I’m being picky, but on pinkshampoo I need the sidebar hover-overs to keep the underline when its hoovers and in the main content the links need to be orange without the mouseover.. the search box, i need the “search..” to snapback when you click your mouse in there and the about text is too dark and I need it to be a page rather than description because I cant add links in description etc..

That’s all I can find at the moment…


He did not send me those color link details in the beginning. The confrontation started after that message.



I don’t have ftp access so I’ve attached the updated files. zip and rar versions. For the Search… to snap back, you’ll have to look that up. It’s Javascript and I don’t know Javascript. I’ve tried looking it up for you, but no luck.

Next time, please be more specific before I start coding. I coded the layout and applied the link colors exactly like the psd you sent me. Except for the adsense integration, I’ve done what you’ve paid me to do and more.

(The PSD file wasn’t prepared for coding. I had to figure out the sizes and fix the comment background image to start coding it. That wasn’t my job to do, but I did it anyway.)

As for the about box, I’ve added a file named about_text.php. You can edit your message from that file. You’ll need to upload all the files again because they now call for the about_text.php file.

And the link in the about box will be blue because it was blue in the psd file. If you want it bold, add the strong or b tags around the link.

For any more tweaks and link color changes, please update it through the style.css on your own. I know you’re going to sleep around this time. Tomorrow, please have the adsense integration ready for me to integrate. Thank you Peter.


Well your answer isnt a honest 1.. in the psd the link in the main content is orange, and also the recent comments and posts i do belive is part of the skin.. it has it on there and that doesnt have plugin’s so far so good.. i will draw up a sketch for the adsense for you soon..


also you missed out the copyright text

I pointed out that the links were blue right? The guy called me a liar. Don’t worry, later on, he eats his own words.



I’m sorry for the copyright line. I admit I missed that. The recent comments and other can be activated if you have the widget plugin install. Does the diet site you point me to call for recent comments and recent posts by a plugin or hard coding? If you don’t want it by the plugin, and if hard coding is available for recent comments and recent posts. I will do that.

I have no reason to lie about the link color. If you like, I can send you the original PSD that I received from you. Blue links in the main column and Gray links in the sidebar.

You did not send specific instructions for link color so I had to assume what I thought were obvious choices.

I know you are busy. I will try to do the final changes and additions as soon as I receive your AdSense sketch.


hehe, well on the PSD its actually orange so… and also the about thing the text is red, not blue, its only little things but its needs to be perfect!.. and I think the comments and posts thing is coding I’m sure it is, maybe download that theme and have a play?



You’re gonna fight me over the colors til the end aren’t you? Hahaha. In the main column, orange links are: “work” in the first paragraph, “Comments”, and the tag links.

Your “Read the rest of this entry…” is blue, Toy’s is blue, and Peter Avey is blue. Those are usually the main links. That’s why I assumed it’s…Blue.

Comments and tag links are considered Post Meta Data. That’s why I assumed they’re orange because they’re special.

I’m looking at the About Box right now, and the “fact” link is bold blue. Do you want me to send you what I have to compare? Hahaha. I don’t see why I should keep arguing with you over this. It’s been fixed. But if you wanna keep going at it. We can :).

I think you pointed me to the Glossy Blue theme. I’ll download and figure out how it’s calling for the recent comments/posts.


, to be honest, I don’t want to argue or fight over colors I just want them how I have it on the PSD hehe..


Haha, clever, ok. I attached the PSD. You can look for yourself. That’s what I got from you and that’s what I followed.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day in the US. I have to spend the day with my girlfriend and will not be available to make any changes tomorrow.

I sent him his PSD file back so he could eat his words.


Okay I will take a look at the PSD when I’m on my machine, but can you just change the color anyway as a request…



I did change the colors upon your request. I’m simply pointing out what I had to work with. You said it’s orange. I say it’s blue. Now you have the PSD you sent me for proof.

Anyway, I’m stilling waiting for the adsense instruction. Once I get that, I will make the rest of the changes.


Okay, can we do this at the weekend or ? what ever times best for you, also i have a fan site in the makings so im gonna need a good coder for that 🙂


Whenever you send it to me, I’ll do it ASAP.


Great, also have you done the recent comments thing yet and recent posts ?


No, I haven’t done it yet.

The recent posts and recent comments are called by a plugin. The theme that you showed me (Glossy Blue) includes a plugin file with the theme files to make it work.

You can either install the Customizable Post Listing or the Sidebar Widgets for recent posts and comments. Glossy Blue uses the Customizable Post Listing one.

I specifically told him that what he wanted for the Recent Posts and Recent Comments were done through a plugin called Customizable Post Listing.


can you add the plugin via the skin then ? because it is in the skins file



I’ll add the Customizable Post Listing plugin and the copyright message to the sidebar
along with Adsense integration. Is there else I missed?


okay, so add the comments and posts plugin and then make the contenthyperlinks orange please as in the picture i’ve attached (sorry for confusion) and then with adsense i want the same sort of style as they have a image ad and then a normal advert above the content so above the about box, and then its all done 🙂


Told you he’ll eat his own words! But, I didn’t try to rub it in his face.


The image you attached won’t show. It’s best if you upload and link me to it.


Okay, the about box text link colour i want it to stay blue and the content links made orange, im also not talking about the search box but the main header box, and yes I’m a developer and yes i pay others to do my work because I don’t have time, if i had time i wouldn’t be paying you.. and that other skin on isn’t a plugin its part of the
skin, so can you change it to make the skin have the comments etc, please


can you also center the Adsense please and upload…


Peter again:

Okay, im going to start again.. i will show you the orginal PSD that i sent you..

You don’t have to start again but I will, I want that with the adsense integration as asked for…

Things to note…

The copyright text is smaller and at the bottom of the page, it has the recent comments and posts in the skin.. the main text hyperlink is blue underlined, the main text colour is #4c4c4c, not black, the hyperlink in the about box is blue underlined and bold, the link to the copyright text is blue.. I haven’t even gotten on to the comment’s box yet…

Let’s hurry I really need it done if you don’t think you’re up to the job of completing this to my standard (what I sent you) then refund me I will find someone else…

Peter Avey
HostBlue Ltd.

(You have 3 day’s to get this right)

Three days? Not up for the job? I completed the job and more!

Now Me:

A refund? Are you kidding me? I did what you asked me to do and more! I’ve been putting up with you for almost a week, but you won’t stop adding little things here and there. Be honest to yourself, would anyone else in their right mind put up with you for $75 unless they were really nice and wanted to actually help you?


I told you the copyright text couldn’t be moved to the bottom. It sits in the sidebar which has vertical-align set to top. And yes, I did set the copyright text to a smaller font.

I also pointed out to you that the recent posts and recent comments are from a plugin. It’s called Customizable Post Listing. If you don’t believe me. DOWNLOAD THE THEME TO SEE FOR YOURSELF! I can’t install it unless I have FTP access, which you didn’t give me.

As for the background box, I didn’t know what you were referring to. That’s why I didn’t make the change. But just in case you were talking about the header, I included the codes for a simple copy and paste.

First, you told me you want the links orange. Now that I’ve gotten all of them fixed, you want it back to blue? FIX IT YOURSELF!

Don’t even get me started with the Adsense integration. You showed me the site that you wanted pinkshampoo to be modeled after. I did exactly that.

I did the coding, the Adsense integration, the text link color changes, and even the Customizable Post Listing plugin integration. You want your money back? Bring it up to PayPal. I will fight you to the end.

Right now, I feel like I’ve been set up for the refund all along.

UPDATE (the latest message he sent me):

oh my your so sad, look at the PSD I sent you, the link in the box is blue, the link in the main content is orange, on the coding you’ve done the link in the about box is orange the link in the main content is red, theres 1 thing, the “About” is in the wrong place it needs to go up and left more, its also black and I wanted it grey, the main text is black, I wanted that grey.. look at the psd its all there, unless you can’t do that.. I want my money back I did ask for the PSD.. look at it and copy it, I don’t want to fight you lol… I just want my coding..

Now he says the links ARE BLUE and he wants the link in the About box to be BLUE! I changed it to orange in the first place because he wanted me to!

Remember what he said earlier?

hehe, well on the PSD it’s actually orange so… and also the about thing the text is red, not blue, its only little things but it needs to be perfect!.. and I think the comments and posts thing is coding I’m sure it is, maybe download that theme and have a play?


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