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Create Your Own Website or Outsource to a Web Studio?

Office, Flowers, Apple, Computer, Social Media

If you want to use WordPress as your content management system, you still have the choice of using a web studio to design a site or figure it out yourself….

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How to Improve Your Customers’ Online Experience

People pointing finger on laptop while looking at something on it

If you run your own online business, then you’ll know that you have a significant number of potential customers out there. However, you’ll also be aware that the marketplace itself…

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Flat Design for Your WordPress Site: What Is It + 4 WordPress Flat Design Themes

flat design

Web designers in the past mostly used 3D styles for buttons that made the button seem more realistic. That all changed when flat design entered the game. It was mostly…

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The importance of SSL Certificates as part of a web hosting package

importance of ssl certificates

Building a successful business requires trust, and gaining trust can be difficult especially when you run a business where it is taken for granted that the customer may never meet…

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How Can Domain Name Extensions Influence Your Brand Name?

influence of domain names on your brand

Are domain name extensions important in naming your brand? The shortest answer is “Yes.” In today’s online world, it is the first thing that anyone sees about your company, and…

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Domain Name Generation Tips for Business in the Teen Niche

featured image for teen niche business domain name tips

Choosing a domain name is important for every business; how much more when you want to choose a name for a niche site like a teens’ website. A domain name…

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