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unique.jpg How do you separate your blog from the rest of the pack? Writing style, voice, and blog topics make you different, but those factors don’t matter to first time visitors. To them, yours is like every other blog.

So, how you do separate yourself from the pack? This fifth post, of a series called Wpdesigner Weekend Must Do (WWMD), will help you rise above the rest to make a more memorable first impression.

No Feedburner Chicklet – The Feedburner Chicklet, used to display your number of blog subscribers, is useful for attracting more readers, but browse enough blogs and you’ll begin to see why you really should remove it. Instead of an ugly little button to display your number of subscribers, opt for a text-based display of that number or completely do away with displaying your subscribers count. Try harder, don’t just slap a Feedburner Chicklet on your blog.

No Right Sidebars – I should practice what I preach, but I’m perfectly fine with my own right sidebar at this moment. But for you, if you have a small sidebar, consider moving it to the left. Someone should really run a test to find out the average number of blogs that use right sidebars.

Fluid / Elastic Width – Currently, only the unusually diligent developers have the patience to create a fluid or elastic design for their blogs – designs that fit in any resolution. Typically, if you take this route, you will instantly improve your readers’ browsing experience.

Irregular Advertisement Formats – Just because they’re advertisments, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them. Don’t go for the boring 125×125 button banners like everyone else is doing. Using irregular ads sizes or formats will help you look unique. It’ll also help your sponsors get more clicks because irregular formats tend to yield better results.

Now you’re armed with four new ideas. Have fun tweaking your blog this weekend.


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