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How did it begin?

Based in Virginia Beach, Web hosting hub has been on the market since 2001. If it were not for Web Hosting Hub, customers would not have gotten a quicker means of connectivity online. They are equipped with amazing features that allow the users to create a website in five minutes. The users can count on tech support around the clock 24/7, 365 days a year!

Web Hosting Hub Control Panel

Web Hosting Hub offers the well-known control panel software application that offers a powerful website administration platform with an easy to use graphical interface that simplifies the process of website configuration and management. It offers features such as website analysis and statistics and quick 1-click installs of various website plugins and programs.

If your current website has control panel as a managing tool, migrating from the current website to Web Hosting Hub is easy. Creating a backup of one’s website is simple. Download the backup and upload files to Web Hosting Hub.

Furthermore, Web Hosting Hub provides a temporary URL, so the site will not see any downtime during the migration process. Users can manage the website using control panel. While Web Hosting Hub has branded the cPanel, the company has not changed it very much from the default configuration.

Backup Policy

When purchasing web hosting package, one can also opt for automated backups as an add-on service. Automated backups have a size limit of 10 GB.

It also makes it fairly easier to migrate any site to a host that offers a cPanel, while anything else will require one to undertake a manual migration process. Web Hosting Hub nowhere states that you cannot take content to another web host.

Is the Price worth it?

The Web Hosting Hub provides three pricing tiers i.e. Spark, Nitro and Dynamo which range from $8.99 per month to $16.99 per month.


Like other web hosting sites, it also provides a promotional discount of 44% for the first year which makes the Spark plan for less than $5/mo (if you commit for more than one year)

So is the price really worth it? The question we are left with.

Let us compare it with the others to answer that for you.

When it comes to the Spark plan, there is a limitation to two websites and ten databases. This looks good for small site owners. For a single WordPress install, 1 database is required. However, with the other two plans, the situation is a polar opposite.  They provide the users with unlimited databases. This directly comes in a clash with HostGator Baby and Business plans and GoDaddy Delux plan.

So here is what the users get:

  • A bang for every buck with unlimited websites and email,
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • A free domain name with one’s hosting account or a free website transfer with no downtime!

In a nutshell, the pricing is competitive considering the market needs. And their promos are equally good as HostGator- even for their cheapest Spark plan

Web Hosting Hub Specialties

Web hosting Hub also offers e-commerce tools! The tools are easily compatible with Google Checkout and Paypal. It offers free shared SLL encryption. Moreover, emails are completely secured. Sounds perfect for a business site, right? The users can opt for a free transfer of domain name with no downtime. They can host an unlimited amount of websites on one account.

Web Hosting Hub also specializes in hosting blogging platforms e.g, WordPress.  It offers many content management systems, such as Joomla and Drupal! There’s no doubt that one gets a lot for one’s money from a fast, secure and reliable web host.

Our Ratings

  • Cost: 5/5
  • Features: 5/5
  • Storage Allowance: 5/5
  • Bandwidth: 5/5
  • Reliability: 5/5
  • Customer Service: 3/5
  • Technical Support: 4/5
  • Response Times: 4/5
  • Overall Usability: 4/5

Total Score: 96%

Is Web Hosting Hub Reliable?

The users can rely on Web Hosting Hub to keep their website up and run with their 99.9% uptime guarantee and use of high-performance servers in the constantly and closely monitored the data center. Web Hosting Hub uses a wide range of safety precautions to make sure all systems are up, which include power backups and fault-tolerant IP routing.

Money Back Guarantee!

One of the first things a user looks for is reasonable refund policies. Web Hosting Hub comes with full 90 days money back guarantee. This leaves the users with complete three months to run a drive test. And it is completely risk-free! This is a huge plus because people later find that the hosting site is not keeping up with the specifics they require.

However, the fees paid by the user for SSL certification, domain name, and domain privacy is non-refundable. Moreover, the users will retain complete ownership of their domain name(s) and can transfer them to an alternative host after canceling your subscription with Web Hosting Hub.

Excellent Web Hosting Service

Web Hosting Hub’s brilliant customer service and robust shared hosting plans may sound apt if one has no intention to expand to advanced hosting options. The problem is that there’s just no space to grow with Web Hosting Hub. If the users are successful enough to need more-advanced hosting, they’re out of luck, and they’ll have to go through the hassle of shopping for a new provider and migrating the site. Ambitious webmasters will probably want to save themselves that trouble and simply start at a service with a wider range of offerings. Editors’ Choice winners Dreamhost and HostGator both provide better-rounded hosting services, including upgrade paths for when one’s site requires more power. Note, too, that even if it is very certain you’ll never want anything but shared hosting HostGator is still a better option.

Plans That Fit All

Web Hosting Hub offers flexible plans. These plans are easy-to-use for beginners. They can be changed into business plans as per requirement that needs more resources for online stores.

The packages Web Hosting Hub offers are also very comprehensive. It includes everything you need to start running a website. Moreover, one does not have to worry about purchasing the right add-ons to ensure that one can do whatever required for the website.

These features include free domain names, solid-state drives for storage, and one-click install for scripts to extend the feature set and functionality of your website. You will also get personalized onboarding to make the launching as stress-free and easy as possible.

The Flip Side

Industry standard Up-time

Website uptime is a vital element of the web hosting. If your site goes down, clients or customers will be unable to find you or access your products or services.

For this testing, we used a website monitoring tool to track our Web Hosting Hub-hosted test site’s uptime over a 30-day period. Every 15 minutes, the tool pings my website and sends me an email if it is unable to contact the site for at least one minute. The data revealed that Web Hosting Hub is incredibly unstable.

But also know that they’ve struggled since almost the beginning to deliver good up-time consistently. Some months are too good, while others struggle for stability. One can never be sure, to remain true to words.

For Advanced Users

Web Hosting Hub has always kept things simple, offering only shared hosting options.

This comes with a bunch of few benefits, our favorite one is their fast signup process.

But wait there is a downside to it as well. I everything goes well and your site takes off, a couple of issues may arise.

Larger websites are normally used to dedicated hosting options for larger sites that usually need more resources to run. And if you hit this slippery slope, one might have to start the hosting-reviewal process all over again by looking into more premium options elsewhere.

There is no update as for yet to remove this bug.

Customer Support

Web Hosting Hub provides a plethora of ways to get any of the customer support that is needed. Its US-based support team is always available. Whether customers contact them by phone, online chat or email, they are assured that someone will get to them right away. And with their newly enhanced Support Center, users can quickly find a library of information for almost every troubleshooting question they may have, whether through an article knowledge base, video tutorials and much more!



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