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GoDaddy web hosting offers a lot more than just a domain name. With a great selection of features and tools, even the novice website owner can build a site to be proud of, thanks to GoDaddy’s simple-to-use control panel. You might already be familiar with this web hosting company, due to their television advertising campaigns over the last few years.

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Our Ratings

Cost – 5/5
Reliability – 5/5
Customer Service 4/5
Technical Support 4/5
Features 5/5
Storage Allowance 4/5
Bandwidth 5/5
Response Times 5/5
Overall Usability 5/5

Total Score 91%

With a wide selection of packages, GoDaddy have a web hosting plan to suit everyone. For those with extra large sites, there’s a plan with unlimited allowances, however, it does come with quite a high price tag. Managing your account couldn’t be easier with GoDaddy’s own unique control panel. While it may not be just as user-friendly as the industry favorite, Cpanel, first-time users will get to grips with it in no time.

Like most big-brand companies, GoDaddy’s web hosting packages come at a premium price, particularly with unlimited allowance plans working out more expensive than similar plans from their competitors. However, don’t let this put you off, as there are packages available to suit all budgets.

With a customer base running into hundreds of thousands, only a company of GoDaddy’s stature could offer such a reliable service. Many years experience in the web hosting business ensures the necessary expertise is in place to guarantee high-performance and stable servers, with practically zero downtime.

Customer Service & Support
GoDaddy provides round-the-clock support via a toll-free telephone line, online live chat, and email communication. Their support services do receive a mixed bag of reviews from customers but they offer accurate advice, quickly – particularly on their email support desk. Response times are reasonable and the technical staff are both knowledgeable and courteous.

With a wide range of features and tools, GoDaddy is right up there with the web hosting companies who made our Top 10, even the ones who charge higher subscription rates. Unfortunately, points are lost due to the lack of unlimited bandwidth and storage allowance but these should still be sufficient for the majority of users. A premium price doesn’t do them any favors either, however, an award-winning customer service and technical support team should make amends for this. If not, GoDaddy guarantees to give you your money back if you’re not entirely satisfied.

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