Video #1: Four WordPress and Blog Design Tips

  1. Don’t abuse tags. They’re meant to complement your main categories. They’re not cool. Tags are clutter. Too much tagging will make your blog lose focus.
  2. Don’t use big images in your blog posts. When you need to use big images or photos, link to them through thumbnails and text links. Not using their actual sizes will allow to easily re-design your blog later on.
  3. Put your content first, but also design your blog around ads. Make it easy for banners to look pretty and neat within your blog.
  4. You should be unique, but also generic. Logos, favicons, and graphic banners are all areas where you can be unique. However, layout and structure-wise, don’t feel like to you need to reinvent the wheel to separate yourself from millions of other blogs. By mimicking typical layouts, you allow your users to make an easy transition from browsing other blogs to browsing your blog.

Thoughts about the video:

It looks like I’m not totally comfortable in front of the camcorder yet, a bit stiff and mispronounced some words here and there. Also, I don’t know my way around the video editing program yet. In the next video, I’ll try to put together something more smooth and organized.

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