The Potato Behind Interview

I’ve learned my lessons from the last interview.

  • Don’t give too many short answers.
  • Regardless of how much information you can pack into two sentences, short answers make you look bad.
  • Posting a new blog entry and answering interview questions are pretty much the same. You should focus on providing value. Take the time to put some honest effort into answering your interview questions.

This time, I’m interviewed by Adii. Check it out. I had to answer some questions that were very similar to the ones in the last interview, but it gets more interesting as this interview progress.

Specifically, I broke down how Technorati’s Popular Top 100 blogs aren’t really the top 100 linked-to blogs. ranks in the top 40′s, but you won’t find on the top 100 list. Read the interview to find out why.

If you’d like to ask me some questions for your own interview, contact me. I’ll link to your interview to send some traffic love.

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