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I’m currently working on a new WordPress theme that focuses on search engine optimization, multiple plugin support, flexibility, fluid width, monetization, and many other features. To me, it’s sort of like a super theme, hence, the name Supreme. Below is an unorganized outline of Supreme’s features:

  • Easy to skin (change to a completely different look without touching the core files), modify, add to, and/or take away from.
  • Comes with extensive internal and external documentation.
  • Style codes are coded and organized in a way that’s easy to understand and modify.

The goal of this theme is to allow its users to never touch the core files and never change to a different theme ever again. Once you’ve gotten tired of its design, all you have to do is look for a new skin on WPDesigner and replace the style.css file.

My vision is to build a truthfully complete theme that is not boring, skinnable, and also covers all you’ll ever need, regardless of what features, ads, and plugins your blog might require; a theme that’s easy for other designers to understand; a theme that will get adopted community-wide.

And in the future, it doesn’t matter which theme author you ask for support from, that author will understand what you’re asking about and be able to point out exactly what you should do or able to do with Supreme without directing you back to WPDesigner. The only thing that will vary is the support from Supreme’s skin authors.

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