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A unique approach to web hosting is provided by Super Green Hosting, an environmentally aware company based in London, UK. With offices also located in the US, Super Green Hosting are newcomers to the industry and use only new, environmentally friendly equipment and they take extra care to ensure their carbon footprint is kept to the absolute minimum. Sure to be a winner with ‘green’ fans, this eco-friendly approach is on offer at a similar price scale to other web hosting providers, meaning looking after the planet doesn’t have to cost you a fortune or mean having to put up with an inferior service. Rated by us as our #6 provider, Super Green Hosting give an excellent service which is sure to rise in popularity as the idea catches on.

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Super Green Hosting offers just the one plan but it is suitable for just about any website in the small to medium range. Unlimited transfer and data storage quotas, hosting for an unlimited number of domains per account, unlimited email accounts and unlimited databases are just a few of the benefits on offer for users. Other features include a free site builder, lifetime domain name, website templates, and instant setup – ideal for those in hurry. For those wishing to setup an e-commerce site, there are plenty of tools available including a shopping cart, SSL encryption, Paypal and Merchant account support. The hosting package comes with many extras for developers – PHP, Python, CGI-BIN, file handlers and IP banning access. A special deal now on offer for a limited time only sees new sign-ups receiving $25 ad credits with Yahoo and $25 worth of discounts with Miva.

Our Ratings

Cost 5/5
Features 4/5
Storage Allowance 5/5
Bandwidth 5/5
Reliability 5/5
Customer Service 5/5
Technical Support 4/5
Response Times 5/5
Overall Usability 5/5

Total Score 95%

As Super Green Hosting are newcomers and operate spanking new equipment, they are not only showing their commitment to the environment but giving you fast, reliable connections and servers. They use ‘green’ Dell servers that produce up to 20% less CO2 than normal servers. Guaranteed uptime of 99.9% means super reliability from the hosts, who are one of the very first ‘green’ hosting providers. An energy efficient data center is equipped with high-quality hardware and components, ensuring safety and reliability even in the event of fire or power failure.

Customer Support
Just because Super Green Hosting spend a lot of time reducing their carbon footprint doesn’t mean they have no time left to spend on customer support. In fact, their customer service is among the best in the industry with 24/7 toll-free phone lines and email support. A comprehensive support center is also provided with online video tutorials, a ticketed support system and a thriving online community forum, where users give and receive advice on various issues.

Control Panel
Super Green Hosting uses the ever-popular Cpanel control panel software, which ensures customers can manage their accounts in a straightforward and stress-free manner. Cpanel is regarded as the daddy of all control panels so it really is a breeze modifying your site and taking control of your account. Even beginners will have no problems editing their website, setting up email accounts, implementing scripts, viewing site statistics, or setting up e-commerce tools. This has got to be one of the easiest control panels ever!

Distinguishing Features

‘The greenest service available’ – Super Green Hosting

‘Designed with ease of use in mind’ – Super Green Hosting

Proof that going green isn’t sacrificing on service.

This web hosting provider is absolutely ideal for those concerned about the environment and the effects mankind is having on it. Not only can you do your bit for the environment but you get a fantastic hosting plan full of additional features and all for an amazing price. Combined with excellent customer service, this makes Super Green Hosting our #6 provider.

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