Small Potato Is A Douchebag!

After reading:

  • Matt takes over
  • If I could walk on water, you’d complain I can’t swim

I realized that I’m a complete douchebag. Whatever I thought I knew or believed about WordPress and its community went out the window. I don’t know where to start explaining to you how blind I’ve been.

Of course, I don’t expect you to understand what the heck I’m writing about right now. I think only 5% to 10% of everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) involved in WordPress or uses WordPress actually understands this post, which is a shame.

The three pages I linked to above are real eye-openers. (I’m not saying you should believe in everything on those three pages.) However, those pages are only the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much truth to uncover and so much more that none of us could ever get to (unless we were the ones involved), it’s sad.

The bottom line is the people that are actually helping others without ulterior motives should receive more recognition and rewards, not that they’re asking for it. Second, debates and everyone involved should be more transparent. Third, don’t trust everything you read. Fourth, don’t trust everyone you meet. Fifth, Small Potato is an uninformed douchebag.

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