Ridiculously Mind-Numbing WordPress Self-Challenge

Backstory: Today, I was searching for WordPress theme competitions and challenges to participate in, but no luck. It seems like the WordPress community is tired of it and not a lot of designers do participate when there is a challenge or competition. So, I decided to run one for myself.

The challenge is to create and publish one free WordPress theme each day for thirty 32 consecutive days. I got this idea from Phu Ly (a developer living in London). He did it for six straight days. Freaking amazing, I know! So what makes me think that I can match that and then survive for another 24 26 days? I HAVE NO IDEA! Some people are impulse shoppers. I’m an impulse goal setter. Let’s move on to…

The rules: (If you spot any room for errors or areas that I could possibly exploit to get lazy on the quality of my themes, better correct me now before I dig myself a hole.)

  • Starts on January 15, 2007 January 17, 2007
  • One theme per day
  • “Quality, not quantity” (ironically 🙂 )
  • No recycling other designers’ WordPress themes
  • No skinning of open source XHTML and CSS templates into themes
  • Ends on February 13, 2007 February 17, 2007


  • I’m not a PHP programmer.
  • And, I don’t know enough about creating fluid/liquid layouts.

Ideas and Inspirations: (How I will come up with 30 themes.)

  • Original concepts
  • Blog design versions of popular gadgets, games, etc.
  • Redesign of famous sites and blogs

If you have any idea, suggestion, and/or tip on how to improve the guidelines for this challenge, please, do post/comment. Wish me luck!

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