Poll: Gluttony Color Schemes

gluttony-schemesOf the Seven Deadly Sins theme series, Gluttony is the second last to be released. The last one is Sloth.

This poll is either promoting user participation or simply laziness from Small Potato. In any case, you get to vote for your favorite out of the available color schemes for Gluttony. The most popular scheme will be the default style for Gluttony’s upcoming theme release. The rest of the schemes will be worked on and released at a later date. The poll will be open until Monday afternoon.

Preview the schemes:

Which Gluttony scheme is your pick for the release?

  • Gray (35%)
  • Neutral Blue (34%)
  • Orange On Olive (23%)
  • Firenze (8%)

Total Votes: 131

(You can find more color schemes at color.adobe.com.)

Update: This poll is closed. Gray takes it by one vote.

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