wpdesigner-new-logoWPDesigner is getting a micro-redesign. Your blog should get one too. Simple tweaks, additions, and subtractions can do wonders for your blog. In WPDesigner’s case, this micro-redesign is another step toward de-clutteringPreview the upcoming design here. It’s not much different from the current WPDesigner. But all together, the small changes make a big difference.

New Logo – If you’re a loyal reader, you know WPDesigner lacks identity so I’m adding a logo to help this blog become more recognizable and memorable for new visitors. And if you know me, you know I’m not a graphic designer. Based on circles and gradients, that little figure is my best attempt at a logo. But give credit where credit is due, I couldn’t have done it without Nur of Nomad-One.com. He came through with the concept and style for this logo. What I’ll be using for WPDesigner’s logo is only a fraction and combination of everything he sent me.

Simple Navigation – Instead of trying to pack as many links into the horizontal menu as possible, I decided to bring it down to six links and add more spacing around each menu item. For one thing, your mind typically holds seven items at a time. Therefore, having more than seven items within one group of links will not do much good if you can’t remember them.

The result is a simpler and more balanced horizontal menu.

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