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An award winning web hosting company operating out of Los Angeles CA, InMotion Hosting have been in the business since 2001. Providing reliable, fast and extremely affordable hosting solutions, InMotion Hosting have a loyal and rapidly expanding client base. They provide a range of competitively priced hosting plans suitable for all types of sites, whether it’s a small personal webpage or a large e-commerce business, needing huge transfer and storage quotas. InMotion Hosting operate a high-tech network of servers from the Dell PowerEdge range. A CNET certified service provider and membership of the Better Business Bureau mean InMotion Hosting are leading edge providers in the industry and rate at #4 in our poll.

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There are several hosting plans on offer from InMotion Hosting and each provide massive amounts of storage space, making them suitable for website owners who need large allowances. Each plan has a wide variety of features including a free lifetime domain name, a free website builder, and a 24/7 customer support desk. The company also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, with your money back if you’re not completely happy. All of the plans offered by InMotion Hosting have a multitude of additional features and tools including free scripting, free forum software, website statistics, a guestbook, image galleries and spam filters. For those requiring e-commerce features there are shopping cart plug-ins, Google Checkout, SSL encryption and Merchant Accounts. Each InMotion Hosting account allows the user to operate and manage two separate websites with domain parking for up to six sites. All of these six accounts are given free email addresses, a feature most other hosting companies charge for. With such an amazing selection of features, the cost of owning an InMotion Hosting account is hard to beat and certainly great value for money. Overall, a fantastic choice for the business user.

Our Ratings

Cost 4/5
Features 5/5
Storage Allowance 5/5
Bandwidth 5/5
Reliability 5/5
Customer Service 5/5
Technical Support 4/5
Response Times 5/5
Overall Usability 5/5

Total Score 97%

InMotion Hosting operate a state-of-the-art data center comprising of Sun Microsystems and Dell PowerEdge high-performance servers. Round the clock monitoring 365 days of the year, power systems backups, fault tolerant IP routing, fire prevention and a range of other safety measures ensure a next to zero chance of network downtime. They promise a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with full details laid out in their terms and conditions usage policy.

Customer Support
InMotion Hosting provide a range of customer support platforms such as an online ticketing system, a toll-free telephone support line, and a community discussion forum. Also available are a comprehensive start-up guide, flash tutorials, and a web hosting help center. A knowledge base provides assistance with the most commonly asked questions.

Control Panel
InMotion Hosting use the popular Cpanel administration interface, ensuring all users will manage their accounts with ease. Simple navigation and a range of features are included such as configurable email accounts, website analysis and statistics, domain and database administration, and script implementation.

Distinguishing Features

‘At InMotion Hosting we understand business – not just e-business’ – InMotion Hosting

Ideal for e-commerce users with a plethora of features and add-ons.

Massive storage and transfer allowances

We gave InMotion Hosting a #4 rating due to a combination of high storage quotas, great business functionality, high-performance data center and their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. They also provide their services at a much lower rate than most of their competitors, ensuring you get more bang for your buck. An ideal choice for those wanting high-quota storage at a discount price.

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