I’m Leaving WPDesigner for Good…

Created on May 2006, I started WPDesigner.com to host my own free, crappy WordPress themes; themes that I thought had to exist to fill in a gap in the WordPress theme community. To this day, WPDesigner.com exists for that same reason, to make crappy themes available to the WordPress community.

However, its creator (me) is exhausted and has lost all tastes for WordPress; I’m also tired of typing and reading the name WordPress. All the themes and all the tutorial lessons, I think I’ve given all I could give.

Thank You’s

  • Thank you to all the great spamesigners. You showed me that leaching on a public database of an open source software can be a profitable way to make a living.
  • Thank you to all the rip-off designers. I’ll never forget your motto… “As long as it’s legal… and even when it isn’t.”
  • Thank you to all bloggers that asked for theme support when they didn’t even have the decency to follow my license and link back to my site to credit me for the crappy theme that I didn’t rip off in order to spam the WordPress public database. I answered your questions anyway…

Now, I’m ready to move on… so thank you for the comments, support, and encouragements. Goodbye, my fellow small potatoes.

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