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How to Spread the News About WPDesigner Themes Club



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For new readers and those that haven’t followed Wpdesigner.com news lately, I recently launched a themes club on January 24.

For the loyal readers my small potatoes waiting patiently for the press package to spread the news about this themes club, thank you very much and below is the press package.

Here’s the press PDF file for you to point everyone to. If you need an image to link to Wpdesigner, I’ve prepared some button banners…

Let me know if you want me to customize the button banners for your blog. For example, it could say, “Happy $5 Year from ______.com.” You can link the button banner to the PDF file or link it back to the launch post, whichever you prefer.

About the PDF file, if you’ve been following along then you already know most of the information within it, except for the last part, which explains my vision for this theme club and the motivation behind the $5 idea.

Thank You’s

Thank you to everyone for supporting Wpdesigner.com themes club. Specifically, thank you to the following bloggers for spreading the news.

  • Wpdesigner Launching Themes Club: $5 Year!
  • Exclusively designed themes, five dollar a year
  • Wpdesigner Theme Club
  • 12 Months of Themes for $5
  • Wpdesigner’s Theme Club
  • Club themes for 5$
  • Klub Kentang Lima Dollar
  • Wpdesigner Launches $5 Theme Club
  • The Best Design Club
  • Small Potato Releases the $5 Theme Club
  • Small Potato’s $5 Themes Club
  • $5 Per Year For Exclusive WP Themes Club!!!
  • Wpdesigner Launched $5 Premium Themes Club
  • The Coolest $5 Burn Ever
  • Think your themes are too simple? Maybe you need something with a little more spice…
  • New Theme Club, MU Friendly
  • The $5 WordPress Theme Club
  • WordPress Themes Club a great deal
  • $5 WordPress Themes Club
  • WP Designer $5 Themes Club
  • Wpdesigner’s $5 Theme Club is now open!
  • Premium WordPress Theme Sites Released
  • Five Dollar WordPress Theme Club Launched
  • Monetizando diseños de WordPress
  • Wpdesigner Announces the Five Dollar Theme Club
  • Wpdesigner Launches the $5 WordPress Themes Club
  • Wpdesigner Themes Club
  • 5 Dollar Theme Club Launch
  • Best WordPress Theme Club: The $5 Theme Club
  • Wpdesigner’s $5 Themes Club
  • The Five Dollar Themes Club Small Potato
  • WordPress Theme Club – The Irresistable Offer!
  • The Five Dollar WordPress Themes Club
  • Premium Themes From iThemes and Wpdesigner

Sorry if I left out anyone, point me to your post about the club and I’ll link back to you here or within an upcoming post.

Last, but not least, what do you think would be a good slogan for the themes club? I want to go with Happy $5 Year, but it’s a little vague.

p.s. – After only one day, the club currently has more than 70 members. January 27 – Currently 96 members…


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