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After throwing away countless concepts (I’ve been frustrated with this theme for weeks), here’s what I have and what I’m going to stick with:


(The left sidebar is for style points only. I might create a separate version with no left sidebar.)

Right now, what you see is the basic style, layout, menu, photos area, main content, and sidebars. I still have to create, style, and finalize the following elements: logo, blog description, search form, submenu, header, comments template, alphabetical celebrity name listing template, footer, etc., and etc.

There’s a lot more to this theme than what you see in the preview. I wanted to post the complete design. However, I’m not finished and I haven’t updated this blog for about a week so I’ll have to leave you with only a preview until I have time to come back to designing and blogging.

I’ll be back next week. Happy holidays. By the way, my birthday is on Sunday, December 23 🙂 .


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