Get more exposure for your WordPress theme

You put a lot of time into your free theme. It’s your baby. I know. Want lots of bloggers to download and use your theme?

Places to submit, post, or upload your theme:
Yes, yes! I’m finally opening up WPDesigner to accept theme submissions and to feature your themes. Follow my instructions below to get your themes featured on this blog.

WordPress Themes and Templates
Announce your free theme arrival on the WordPress forums. You won’t get many replies, but people do check out your theme.

WordPress Theme Viewer
Upload your free theme to the WordPress Theme Viewer (a public themes database) to get the most downloads. Note: I heard it’s pretty hard to get a theme author account to start uploading right now. I requested for an account a long time ago, didn’t have to wait long back then. I don’t know how long you have to wait nowadays. WP Themes (Not Available Anymore)
Submit your theme to John’s list of WordPress themes. Usually, you do this through posting a comment on that page, but the comment form is gone. Bug John to add your theme. *Sorry John*

Emily Robbins Themes List
Submit your theme to her list through the comment form.

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