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I’ve been reconsidering the content-expansion plans for WPDesigner for the past two days. Final decision is to run with it. Areas I will cover are:

WordPress Themes
Along with more original themes from yours truly, I will review and highlight themes by other designers.

The next big step in the tutorial series is to show you how to convert a Photoshop design into a web page. Following that are case studies of some WordPress themes to break down complicated techniques.

Plugin Integration
I’ll show you how to integrate some plugins to snazzy up your blog along with theme design and development tutorials above. If you have any plugin in mind, be sure to leave a comment so I can keep track of suggestions.

Website Make-over
I’ll redesign your favorite sites and my favorite sites. Which site should I make over first?

Website Make-under
Website make-under is my favorite out of the content expansion plans. I’ll take the web back to the 90′s, Web 1.0 if you must call it that. Know any perfect site that needs bloated animated gifs and marquee tables?

Design Challenges
Like the tutorial series, design challenges will help create and expose more knowledgeable WordPress designers. Currently, there are more than a thousand WordPress themes out there. A few more high quality ones (from challenges) wouldn’t hurt would it? I’ll have to contact some WordPress designers to spark interests in future challenges.

Site Reviews
Tagging along with website make-overs and make-unders are the Site Reviews to help you improve your site’s design and performance.

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