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WordPress can be much more than a blogging platform. Thanks to its easy to modify template system and wide range of plugins, you can use it to power almost any type of site, a CSS gallery site for example. The next big WordPress theme I’ll be working on is a theme built to power a CSS or web design gallery site.

I spent last night browsing the top CSS galleries on the web and took notes of some features that I like. Here they are:

  • Pagination – Top and bottom navigation by page number
  • Large screenshot thumbnails
  • Larger screenshots for full view
  • Color scheme information of featured sites
  • For each feature site, list related feature sites with similar styles, colors, and structures
  • Prominent comment form on single post view
  • Random site feature on front page
  • Register only contact / site suggestion or submission form
  • No extra information like date and name of site
  • Simple layout, to not anything away from the sites being featured
  • Flashy hover effects when you move the cursor over a thumbnail
  • A page dedicated to CSS and web design resources
  • Lots of spacing in between thumbnail rows

At this point, I’m only brainstorming. I can’t guarantee that all those features will be included in my CSS gallery theme. Also, this theme will be my first paid / premium theme.

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