If you’ve been following the WordPress Theme Tutorial Series, then congratulations! You’ve done it! Not only did you learned how to put a WordPress theme together, but you also endured mind-numbing, half-hearted instructions for the last twenty-five days.

I admire your patience and perseverance because I would’ve smacked myself silly if I had to follow my own instructions.


Each day, I’d put in about two hours in the morning to create the daily lesson; some lessons did take much longer than two hours. It was harder than I thought it’d be because I didn’t plan it. I should’ve written the instructions, reviewed the steps, and followed the steps to spot where I could’ve improved to help you better understand. But to avoid smacking myself, I didn’t.

The Future

Now that I’ve given you 32 days of WordPress themes and the recent tutorial series to munch on, what’s next for I really don’t know.

Prior to finishing the tutorial series, I had plans for content expansion but realized my plans were only to cover the fact that I haven’t created new WordPress themes for a while. Ultimately, is about creating WordPress themes and giving WordPress users more design options, not about tutorials and challenges. (Although, I enjoy taking on challenges because they keep me motivated.)

Fellow Potatoes

I need your help to keep WPDesigner growing. Throw me some ideas…

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