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Re-structuring WPDesigner


Images, texts, and links in the preview above are meant for placeholders, not actual content. I didn’t plan on a redesign, but the current one isn’t working because it has…

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Personal Blog and Themes Club Update

Personal Blog (By the way, this is the last personal entry from me on this blog.) My personal blog is up and running with only one post, a to-do list. I’m not…

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Finalized Personal Theme Design

(Since the preview, I’ve changed the green to blue because SO MANY OF YOU complained about it.) I realize this final look doesn’t actually scream Personal, but I like it the way…

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Personal Theme Design Preview

The preview above is the not-yet-finalized version of the latest design that I’m working on. At this moment, the Personal theme looks ironically not-so-personal. Generic is more fitting. That’s because…

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Finalized Gossip Theme Design

Above is the final version. As you can see, the header changed drastically since the last preview. Mainly, I wanted to use grunge and line-art in the header, but couldn’t…

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Graphic Designing

Below is the design I’ve been working on. (See previous versions.) Today was the first time I created an integrated original graphics. Although it might seem amateurish to the trained eyes, the…

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