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This is Small Potato welcoming you back to WPDesigner. If you didn’t notice, this blog was down for two days due to server migration. Short story, WPDesigner is now on its own dedicated server.

The new set up didn’t come without a price, $100/month for hosting with and $30/month for server management with Although I’m a do-it-yourselfer, I quickly found out that I couldn’t depend on myself nor my host to manage the server, hence the $30 fee for server management.

I signed up to PSM today, not yesterday; they opened my account and fixed my problems on the same day.

So far, I submitted one ticket to Platinum Server Management and they solved it within ten minutes. Thanks to PSM, I’m able to write this right now. I’m very impressed by their service. The fee is well worth it. If you’re not a tech-savvy person like I am, save yourself the headaches; let PSM manage it for you.

(Please let know if you like this dedicated server setup. Is the site faster now? Is WPDesigner blocked at the office?)

Other than that, I’m just happy knowing my blog is back up. Right now is almost 1:30 AM. I’m going to sleep.

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