Author: Jazib Zaman

Flat Design for Your WordPress Site: What Is It + 4 WordPress Flat Design Themes

flat design

Web designers in the past mostly used 3D styles for buttons that made the button seem more realistic. That all changed when flat design entered the game. It was mostly…

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How to Easily Design a Website Without Coding

A featured image design for build website without coding

Are you looking to build a website and you don’t know how to code? Online web design services are helpful to create website templates and designs in minimum time. A…

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5 WordPress Plugins to Increase Your Website Speed

word image

  And if you’re an online entrepreneur, you probably know that making people wait is bad for your eCommerce business too — really bad. I mean, think about it. Why…

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How to Show Only Images that the User Has Uploaded in WordPress

User uploaded Images only

When using WordPress with multiple authors, many things need to be taken into consideration. The default permissions system leaves much to be desired, and we have to take care of…

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Basic Guide to Online Backup

A Basic Guide to Online Backup You may have heard of it, know you need it, but what exactly is it? Online backup is the way to safeguard your valuable…

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Web Hosting Hub Review

How did it begin? Based in Virginia Beach, Web hosting hub has been on the market since 2001. If it were not for Web Hosting Hub, customers would not have…

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