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1 Million Dollars by December 23, 2009



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I recently volunteered to prove that one million dollars is attainable by focus and determination, not by a stroke of luck. I have until December 23, 2009 to earn $1,000,000. That’s my twenty-third birthday, thirty-four months from now. Note: I’m going to earn one million, not become a millionaire. This post is to announce that challenge.

Why I volunteered:
I’m an impulse goal setter. If something crosses my mind that I believe I must do, I will do it, like the thirty consecutive days of WordPress themes challenge I completed. When I came across a discussion about setting a date to achieve an attainable goal, I had to jump on it.

On one side of the discussion, two people pointed out that it’s better to set an attainable goal, not just throw out some random number like one million. On the other side, I told them that I currently make $0 from the internet, but will earn one million by December 23, 2009, just to disprove their smart and logical approach.

Don’t get me wrong:
Telling me you’re going to make $1,000,000 and you don’t know how, but for sure you’re going to do it, will make me cringe. That’s a pipe dream and I’ve been there before. I know how it feels like to fail on such goals.

I will update you on my plans and progress weekly. This is only a teaser. I’ll post more about this later.


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