What is your WordPress theme wish list?

Let me start out with my own wish list.

  1. Circular navigation and the option to turn it on and off – I wouldn’t know where to even begin with this. It would be unbelievable if the WordPress team could tack this on for the future. Here’s my example of a circular menu (created in Photoshop):
  2. Dynamic sidebars – You’re already moving sidebar widgets up and down, back and forth. Why not apply that feature to the actual sidebar content? Allow users to rearrange sidebar content, not just from the Sidebar Widgets page. Check out the iTheme by NDesign Studio for an example.
  3. New SEO-friendly structure – Although Google loves blogs and not many bloggers actually care about SEO (search engine optimization), it would be nice to go to sleep knowing that your blog’s theme is SEOed. For one thing, WordPress uses H2 for sidebar titles, when it should be using H3 or no heading tags at all. Sure, you can change this by using a functions.php file and tell it to adjust the tags before and after sidebars titles, but it’s a pain if you have to do that with every theme.

That’s all I can think of for now. Do you have a WordPress theme wish list?

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