Useful, But Rarely Used WordPress Techniques

I’m trying to do a lot with the upcoming WordPress theme. As a result, I’ve been going through quite a few tips, tweaks, and tutorials to up my skills as a WordPress theme designer. Below are some of the features that I’ve read about and will be adding to Greed for its official release.

  • Custom Fields – Learn how to take advantage of the WordPress Custom Fields to display extra content.
  • Theme Options – Ready to take your theme to the next level? Add theme options to your theme. Allow theme users to edit the CSS without touching the style.css file.
  • Ajax Commenting – How do you grab more downloads for your theme? Give it some life via Ajax Commenting.
  • Sidebar Login Form – Want to let your users login from the sidebar instead of sending them to the login page?
  • How To Manually Separate Trackbacks and Comments – Not all that important, but it makes following comment conversations a bit easier. Instead of installing a plugin, here’s how to do it manually.

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