Exhausted WordPress Theme

Exhausted WordPress Theme

Theme information

  • Author: Small Potato
  • Description: A 2-column, widget-ready theme.
  • Requirement(s): This theme requires you to keep the author’s credit link.

Author’s note

Surprise, surprise! I’m releasing today’s theme about ONE and A HALF HOUR before the deadline. (Yesterday’s theme took me all the way to the last minute, but not today).

Exhausted is a theme with a semi-calming color scheme, which also describes me at this moment. Honestly, I’m exhausted.

I’m running out of ideas and the painstakingly long hours of late-night coding, which make me believe I have arthritis at age 20, doesn’t help. But at the end of the day, when I get to release a theme, it’s all worth it. Literally, thousands of bloggers are using my designs. I love that!

If I could thank each and every one of you for using my theme on your blog without falling asleep after the first thank you, I would. I’m tired, going to sleep now. See you tomorrow…

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