Digg WordPress Theme

Digg WordPress Theme

This is a little two-column, widget-ready, Digg-like WordPress theme that I’ve been working on. I took an extra day to re-test, re-validate, and to help you use this theme (as far as possible) without having to tweak it for your own blog, which contradicts my other goal, to allow you to customize it as far as you like. For example, you can change the header background image to show a screenshot capture of Digg Swarm. Open the style.css file, look for #header, and change bg_header.gif to bg_header_alt.gif. Check the readme.txt file for more customization tips.


HTML Tags Support:
Although not all of the following HTML tags were included in style.css, you should have no problem with:

  • abbr, acronym, address
  • b, big, blockquote
  • cite, code
  • del, dd, dl, dt
  • em, hr, i, s, small, u


  • Digg.com for the layout of the content, design, and color schemes.
  • Douglas Bowman for his sliding doors technique on the menu tabs.

***Digg is a trademark of digg.com. WPDesigner is not affiliated with digg.com.

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