005 WordPress Themes

005 WordPress Themes

Theme information

  • Author: Small Potato
  • Description: A 1-column, widget-ready theme.
  • Requirement(s): This theme requires you to keep the author’s credit link.

Author’s note

Can you guest what 005 might mean? It’s not a knock off of double O7. No, no. Simply, I didn’t know what to name this theme so I numbered it. Sorry if you had only the live demo to play with for the past hour. I published this theme, but didn’t have time to put up the download link.

(I had to run to the bathroom, literally. In the morning, I ate spicy food so it was only a matter of time before my stomach caught up to me. That’s how my body works. So, I was in the bathroom and… you know what’s up! :))

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