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Pink For October“Web sites will Go Pink during the month of October to bring attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, get people talking about breast cancer, and raise money for research.”

Not everyone is able to make the switch to pink. Fortunately, there are generous theme authors out there providing pink WordPress themes specifically for Pink for October (P4O).

  1. Pink Adaptations by Charity Ondriezek
  2. 5ThirtyOne October Special by Derek Punsalan
  3. PinkBird by Randa Clay
  4. Stripes and Business by Natalie Joost
  5. Pink for October 1 and 2 by Teresa Maree
  6. October Pink by Courtney Elizabeth

For me, I’m participating by making this post and learning more about breast cancer. I’m not going to make the color scheme switch because pink is very hard the eyes. However, if you would like to see WPDesigner in pink then click on the pink square at the top right hand corner of WPDesigner’s design.

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