March 06 WordPress Links Round-Up

Reduce Comment Spam to Zero Without Akismet
After my trouble with Akismet, I tried Arpit’s suggestion on reducing spam. It worked! I used to get hundreds of spam comments and trackbacks per day, which makes it hard for me to find ones that were accidentally marked as spam. Now, I get less than a handful of spam comments every couple of days. Although I am still using Akismet as a backup, I have other plugins acting as the first line of defense.

48 Unique Ways to Use WordPress
Bothered by the complexity of installing magazine themes, about ten days ago, I told everyone that WordPress is a blog platform first and foremost so stop trying to do too much with it. This link basically proves that I was wrong. Hey, when you’re wrong, you’re wrong. And ten days ago, I was wrong! However, that doesn’t mean some WordPress theme authors aren’t trying to do too much. Like I said before if I don’t need to read a lengthy manual to install WordPress then don’t make me read one to install a WordPress theme.

The Future of WordPress Themes
Warning: This is a very long post made up of opinions by notable theme authors and bloggers blogging about WordPress.

Migrating to WordPress 2.5
A guide for plugin authors to prepare their plugins for WordPress 2.5.

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