How to Design a WordPress Theme

This is the unofficial 33% release of my upcoming ebook. This part is called How to Design a WordPress Theme.

The next two parts are How to Slice a WordPress Theme and How to Code a WordPress Theme.

The .zip file is 8.51 MB. Inside, you’ll find a PDF file containing design instructions, a folder of images (step-by-step screenshots), and a PSD file for you to mess around with. To use the PSD file, you’ll need Photoshop. Here’s the PDF file for you to preview, but you should download the screenshots and PSD file for the instructions to make sense.

About the instructions, they assume you have no prior knowledge of Photoshop so it’s pretty detailed. I’d suggest printing all of the instructions (15 pages) before working on this tutorial.

Again, this is a partial release of the entire book on how to create a WordPress theme from scratch. The entire book is still scheduled to be released within this week, but it looks like I’m going to need more time, longer than I originally announced. I’m doing the best I can to release this book as soon as possible (right now is 4:35 am), but I need to make sure it’s something I can be proud of so please hang on for several more days.

Update: I’m using to export the tutorial as a PDF file, but I can’t find the PDF security options. If you can show me where to access it, please post your instruction as a comment. Thank you.

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