Free Human Emoticons (Avatar Size)

I’ve created a set of human emoticons (avatar size) for you to use freely.

You might use them for:

  • WordPress comment avatar with a plugin like MyAvatars.
  • Actual emoticons

The Human Emoticons

What they are…

(In the order they appear)

  1. Arrow
  2. Big Grin
  3. Confused
  4. Cool
  5. Cry
  6. Eek
  7. Evil
  8. Exclaim
  9. Idea
  10. LOL (laugh out loud)
  11. Mad
  12. Mr.Green
  13. Neutral
  14. Question
  15. Razz
  16. Red Face – Had to double take due to physical complications.
  17. Roll Eyes
  18. Sad
  19. Smile
  20. Surprised
  21. Twisted
  22. Wink

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