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BlogRush.com? Don’t believe the hype. You’ve been wamboozled!



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Absolutely no work at all for targeted traffic? Sorry Mr.Reese, I’m not easy to fool.

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of bloggers that bought into the Blog Rush hype of easy targeted traffic for no work at all then do your blog a favor and uninstall that ugly thing. You’ve been wamboozled.

Blog Rush is nothing more than a banner-exchange system with a twist. Instead of banners, you trade headlines (post titles); that’s the difference. Regardless of its relevance, you wouldn’t normally trade banners with another blogger then why would you trade headlines? The answer is simple. You’ve been fooled for being lazy.

As long as bloggers continue to be selfish by placing the Blog Rush widget at the bottom of their pages simply to register page views rather than share traffic, it doesn’t matter how many page views your blog generates and / or earns for signing up other blogs to BlogRush.com. Your blog will not get traffic. Recognize Blog Rush for what it is and remove it.

You probably don’t have to go as far as deleting your BlogRush.com account, but I would, just in case John Reese wants to promote another one of his services by spamming my inbox. (Lucky me, I didn’t sign up to Blog Rush.)

Beyond how lazy you’ve been, also recognize that this new service was built to benefit BlogRush.com, not you and your blog. Unlike typical banner-exchange systems, the Blog Rush widget links back to BlogRush.com. Within three days, BlogRush.com shot up to the 324th position on the Alexa Top 500 websites list.

I’m sure John Reese has been in the internet game for a long time. Therefore, there’s no way that he could have forgotten to factor in the simple fact the page view advertisements or exposure does not matter without prominent placements. No matter how many impression or page view you get, having your banner or headlines displayed at the bottom of the page is useless. It’s almost exactly the same as not having your headlines there. And remember, if displayed through Blog Rush, your headline has to compete with four other headlines (by four other blogs).

I don’t care how great your headlines or post titles are, the odds are against you.

Despite that obvious fact, what would become of Blog Rush had it required bloggers to place the Blog Rush widget at the top of their blogs? Exactly. I’m sure Mr. Reese is aware of that.


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